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a European theatre network


mitos is the ancient Greek word for “thread” – it refers to the myth about “Ariadne’s Thread”, which ensures the way out of the labyrinth.

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bringing together
artists & theatre professionals

bringing together

mitos21 brings together artists and theatre professionals who are willing to reconsider and re-enforce the role of public arts institutions and arts networks, in a contemporary context

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professionals & institutions


mitos21 is open to collaboration with theatre professionals of European theatre, but also to colleagues outside Europe.

Meet our Members

In October 2008 a group of theatre professionals associated to some of Europe’s most powerful and important theatre institutions founded a new trans-national, informal network of theatres called mitos21. Its main objective is to create artistic instances where theatre professionals from Europe and around the world can meet, collaborate and work together, as well as jointly question and reconsider the role of theatre in contemporary society from their respective, diverse and unique professional backgrounds and experiences.

mitos21 is a non-profit association, with its artistic seat shared among the network’s members on a rotating basis (hosted by the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus and the Royal Danish Theatre, in previous years).

The National Theatre in London will serve as the network’s artistic seat for 2017 and 2018.


Future Events

june 2017

23jun - 24All DayΜEETING OF MITOS21 DRAMATURGSDeutsches Theater, BerlinEvent Type :Meeting

november 2017

10nov - 12All Daymitos21 General AssemblyKatona Jozsef Theatre, BudapestEvent Type :General Assembly