april 2017

7apr - 9All DayMITOS21 GENERAL ASSEMBLYNational Stary Theatre, KrakowEvent Type :General Assembly

march 2017

27mar - 31All DayCREATIVE CLIMATE LEADERSHIP TRAINING COURSECentre for Alternative Technology, Wales, UKEvent Type :Seminar



november 2016

18nov - 19All Daymitos21 General AssemblySchauspielhaus Zurich, ZurichEvent Type :General Assembly

4nov - 5All DayMeeting of mitos21 dramaturgsNational Theatre, LondonEvent Type :Meeting

august 2016

26aug - 28All DayThe Ingmar Bergman International Theatre FestivalDramaten, StockholmEvent Type :Festival,Meeting

june 2016

24jun - 25All DayInformal meeting of mitos21 Dramaturgs, Berlin 2016Event Type :Meeting

6jun - 10jun 609:00jun 10Sustainable Cultural Management (International Intensive Summer Course)Event Type :Seminar

april 2016

16apr - 17All Daymitos21 General AssemblyAkademie für Darstellende Kunst Baden-Württemberg, LudwigsburgEvent Type :General Assembly

january 2016

30jan - 31jan 3000:00jan 31Meeting of mitos21 Press & Marketing Managers, Barcelona 2016Event Type :Meeting



november 2015

6nov - 8nov 600:00nov 8MITOS21 GENERAL ASSEMBLYEvent Type :Meeting

october 2015

10oct - 11oct 1000:00oct 11MEETING OF MITOS21 “GREEN” MANAGERSEvent Type :Meeting

september 2015

3sep - 5sep 321:00sep 5THE LOST RING / DER VERLORENE RINGEvent Type :Project

june 2015

1jun - 3000:00jun 30- 00:00Informal gathering of mitos21 dramaturgsEvent Type :Meeting

may 2015

23may - 24may 2300:00may 24Meeting of mitos21 DramaturgsEvent Type :Meeting

april 2015

march 2015

14marAll DayPLAS – Performance Laboratory SalzburgEvent Type :Workshop

january 2015

17janAll DayInformal meeting of mitos21 members/artistic directorsEvent Type :Meeting



november 2014

june 2014

17jun00:00- 00:00David’s Formidable Speech on EuropeKunstFestspiele Herrenhausen: Herrenhäuser Straße 3a, HannoverEvent Type :Project

may 2014

march 2014

28mar - 30mar 2800:00mar 30mitos21 General AssemblyEvent Type :Meeting



november 2013

october 2013

september 2013

27sep - 29sep 2700:00sep 29Meeting of mitos21 Dramaturgs and Artistic DirectorsEvent Type :Meeting,Workshop

june 2013

8junAll DayDavid’s Formidable Speech on EuropeSchumannstraße 13, BerlinEvent Type :Project

april 2013

19apr - 20apr 1921:30apr 20Sustainability and CultureEvent Type :Conference